Festival Survival Guide

Festivals are loved by the young the old and the in between. From May to October, festival season is in full swing and if you find planning, packing and preparing for a festival stressful, we’ve put together our festival survival guide to to help you make the most of the summer fun.

Pick The RIght Festival

It’s important you check out the lineup of a festival before booking. If you’re into  chill out, progressive music, you don’t want to end up at a 2 day event for drum and bass lovers and vice versa. Use a festival calendar guide to see whats on and which bands and acts will be appearing where.

Get Your Ticket As Early As Possible

There’s always one person looking for last minute tickets before a festival and doing so makes the preparation stage that much more stressful. Once you’ve pinpointed the festivals you are interested in, book your tickets as soon as you can to avoid chaos. Not only is this one less thing to worry about, it is also means you do not have to battle touts or deal with the second market. Win win!


For some reason packing for a festival can be tricky and time consuming thing to do. Once you know where you’re going, here is what to bring.

  • Backpack / Large rucksack – A bag you used to go travelling with in the past,  is probably a good choice for this
  • Tent – Make sure you set it up at home or in your garden before you set off to ensure it’s still in good working order
  • Sleeping Bag – You of course need somewhere to rest your weary head after 24 hours of straight partying
  • Clothes – Bring items you don’t mind leaving in the field. Clothes at a festival end up looking disheveled quite quickly, so it’s important not to take things which you’ll actually miss, or become unhappy about should they get excessively dirty.
  • Shoes – Same as the above, old worn shoes tend to perform better here and if you are going to Glastonbury, or any festival in Wales for that matter, be sure to pack a pair of wellies too
  • Cash – Don’t rely on there being a cash machine at the festival, as you never know the cash machine may be out of service, hard to locate or just plain not be there. Take enough cash out before hand to see you through the duration.
  • Toiletries – Think toilet paper, tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant etc. Festivals are not the most hygienic places but take a few essentials all the same

Organising Your Travel

Here are a few guidelines for organising how you and your mates get to your festival of choice.

Travelling By Train

All good festivals should be accessible by train and before you set off, check departure and arrival times in both directions and plan your journey, to ensure you do not miss your way. For train tickets, check out the Train Line. For driving lessons check out this company.

Travelling By Bus / Coach

The big festivals on the outskirts of major cities will often operate a shuttle service from the train station to the festival grounds. Check the festival website to see whether this is the case for you chosen event and if so, check how frequent the service runs between the two.

Once you have finished your preparation and planning all that is left is for you to enjoy the festival and make some new memories